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Volume I: Stories from the Avocado Pit of Despair

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About Volume I


Volume II: Anxiety Rainbow

Mostly Finished Chapters and Writings for my next Book

Leave a comment at the end with any critique - these are works in progress

Context of first book is enriching but not totally necessary

Human Stories

Sunday Scaries

Things I need: TY! TY!

  • Replace my 8 year old computer ($1000) - so I can stop screaming into the void

  • Wacom tablet ($300) - unless you like MS Paint + Mouse

  • Fiverr Budget ($500) to hire indian morgan freeman voice actor and some animation help

  • Drawing Lessons ($Time)



Starting to work on my audiobook! Took me about an hour per minute of audio, but happy with how it came out. Definitely open to critique and suggestion. Message me if you want to voice a character, my lady voice needs replacement