Rorschach Two


Rorschach Two

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The Shadow Project

Created in camera with minimal post production, The Shadow Project is my visual thesis in lighting design.


This project began in attempt to replicate a series of not-so-sober self-portraits I took two years ago. At the time I was living across the street from a hospital and the common annoyance of sirens became a sudden spark of inspiration as I began playing with the shadowcasts of alternating emergency lights outside my window.


The biggest challenge was trying to hide the camera and also overcome my body's need for sweet robot dance moves. The walrus in my sockdrawer agreed that hands free operation was ideal and required advanced magic or maybe a tripod, the legs of which can be seen in the multi-colored photo on the right.

shadow test12610.jpg

Rather than attempt to hide the camera with my own shadow, my current setup involves casting a series of shadows (mutliple spotlights) onto semi-transparent surfaces and photographing the side opposite my model.

Ive found breaking up the site-line between model and camera removes a deal of pressure many feel from the lens. A greater sense of both privacy and intimacy is created, allowing free and fluid focus on form and energy.

Heres a video from my fat days. Please donate, healthy eating is expensive

shadow test12740 1.jpg
shadow test13248.jpg